Where We Play Basketball

Ages: Ages are as of January 1 of the year that the season tournament occurs.  For example, if sign ups take place in November of 2017, the tournament would take place in 2018, so the player would play in the age bracket that he/she is on January 1, 2018.  Age 4 for Tot league (if enough players) and Ages 5-6 leagues are coed.  Girls’ leagues start at age 6 if there are ample sign ups.  If there are not enough girls for a girls league, the boys league will become co-ed.  While we welcome girls in either league, we caution parents of girls, that there are very few girls who are interested in the playing in a boys/co-ed league. Boys/co-ed leagues are from ages 7-15.  After teams are drafted, we do not issue refunds.

Schedule: Teams usually assess and draft in November. Games start in late December or early January and end in late February or early March. Teams normally practice twice during the week until games begin.  Weeknight games begin at 6 pm; Saturdays at 9 am.  Practices are extremely limited once games begin.

Games are played at the Soldiers Memorial Sports Arena in Butner.

You may find answers to additional questions in the "All Sports Info" document under General Info, or as always, feel free to email us at the contact information below!